Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dunster Underpass Mural

I don't imagine that many people who race through the Dunster junction of the A39 in their cars on their way to Minehead, Porlock or Exmoor realise that they are crossing over a pedestrian underpass.  I am sure that even fewer realised that the underpass has been beautifully decorated with murals designed by young people from the area.  

The Somerset Rural Youth Project's work was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2011.  15 young people spent 4 days drawing and painting the murals with the help of an artistic volunteer from Wincanton as part of the From Different Parts Project. The project encouraged young people to learn about their heritage and to realise that many people in West Somerset have moved into the area from different parts of the country and the rest of the world. Before they embarked on the murals they spent time interviewing some of Dunster's older residents and walked around the village gathering information about Dunster past and present.  Four years on and it the wall still looks lovely.

 Dunster Yarn Market and Castle
This is the centre piece and is based on a drawing done by a local resident in 1947

 Dunster Castle
 West Somerset Railway.  I am not sure who the character next to the train is supposed to be?
The whole effect of the design is a drawing room wall with pictures hanging on it.

 A painting of the underpass in the underpass!

I love the light switch at the end of the tunnel

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