Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Easter Egg Ring, Burrowbridge

While walking along the River Parrett Trail from Winyard's Gap at Cheddington in Dorset to Steart on the Bristol Channel during the Easter Holiday we came across this ring of beautifully painted hard boiled eggs on Easter Sunday the east bank of the River Parrett on the edge of Burrowbridge at the point where the River Tone joins the Parrett.   I don't know what the intention of the ring's creator was but we admired the different designs, pondered on the time it must have taken to paint them all and left them where we had found them.

 Egg shaped ring of Easter Eggs with Burrow Mump in the background

 Confluence of the Rivers Tone and Parrett at Burrowbridge

Egg-shaped ring

Beautifully painted hard boiled eggs

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