Thursday, 20 August 2015

Yarn Bombing at Taunton Library

As part of the Taunton Live event in July 2015, Taunton Library's normally rather grey and austere frontage was livened up for a week by being yarn bombed.

A bicycle in front of the bike racks
 Flowers on the railings

 Even the bollards were decorated

 Colourful crocheted cobwebs up a tree tunk complete with black spiders

 Another crocheted tree trunk and a decorated bike rack

 A floral lamp post

 An assortment of little people hanging over the entrance to the library

It is a shame that they didn't knit the dragon a new head and wing, as due to repeated vandalism, he doesn't currently have a head!

Other areas of Taunton were also yarn bombed - Goodland Gardens and Bath Place.  However I never got round to going to look at these displays.  I did however make it to Ruishton Church, which was decorated with an incredibly detailed floral arch and a slightly scary bride and bridesmaid.  I think the bride had scared the bridegroom off because he was nowhere to be seen!

 Floral Arch at Ruishton Church

Bride and Bridesmaid

Flowers around the noticeboard

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