Monday, 14 September 2015

If you go down to the woods today...

I went on a linear walk with a group from Wheddon Cross to Dunster in search of the Lost Village of Clicket, which we found.  However I wasn't expecting to meet 3 bears and 3 wolves in the same woods!  We came across them on a footpath between Luxborough and Timberscombe and in the vicinity of the remains of Clicket.  They look quite lifelike at first glance but closer inspection showed them to be made of a tough rubbery foam plastic material.  They have been used for archery target practice.  There may well be other creatures in the woods that we didn't spot.  I'm not convinced that practising archery along a public footpath is a very good idea but there was no sign of any archers on the day we walked through the woods or maybe the archers were there but were hiding from us in the undergrowth!

There is also another solitary life size bear chainsaw sculpture in the woods at Black Ball between Gallox Hill and Nutcombe Bottom near Dunster.  He appears to be praying.

December 2017 update: in the two years since my last visit some of the animals have moved, others have disappeared and some new ones have arrived.  A solitary wolf has turned white and been joined by a worse for wear snowy owl, a wild boar and an animal which looks like a capybara but which is probably a beaver without a tail.

2 black bears at Clicket
A solitary black bear 
A small pack of wolves

Praying Bear at Black Ball
Praying Bear
Wild Boar

Black Bear - 2017

Beaver or Capybara

Snowy Owl

White Wolf - 2017

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