Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bus Stop Art

In most places bus stops are very dull buildings. However in some places they have been decorated in imaginative ways.  

These 2 bus stops are located on Coast Road between Berrow and Brean. In 2011 local artist Malcolm Dormer was commissioned by Berrow Parish Council to paint a newly repaired bus stop, which had been partially demolished when a car drove into it in 2010.  The theme he chose was Giraffic Park and features lots of giraffes having a fun day out at the seaside.

Giraffes enjoying a swim in the sea
Giraffes enjoying a day on the beach near Burnham-on-Sea's iconic lighthouse

Giraffic Park
 Bus stop across the road from Giraffic Park.  This one shows the view from the top of Brean Down looking south towards Brent Knoll

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