Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bus Stop Art

In most places bus stops are very dull buildings. However in some places they have been decorated in imaginative ways.  

These 2 bus stops are located on Coast Road between Berrow and Brean. In 2011 local artist Malcolm Dormer was commissioned by Berrow Parish Council to paint a newly repaired bus stop, which had been partially demolished when a car drove into it in 2010.  The theme he chose was Giraffic Park and features lots of giraffes having a fun day out at the seaside.

Giraffes enjoying a swim in the sea
Giraffes enjoying a day on the beach near Burnham-on-Sea's iconic lighthouse

Giraffic Park
 Bus stop across the road from Giraffic Park.  This one shows the view from the top of Brean Down looking south towards Brent Knoll
Cow and fishes in Chiselborough's colourful bus stop

Rising or setting sun at Chiselborough
Presumably these are the names of the painters or maybe designers of the mural?
Underneath the names another one - Joann Bridges - is written and the date 2000

Mosaic on the bus stop at High Street, Aller

Right hand panel of the bus stop mosaic in Aller

Left hand panel of the bus stop mosaic in Aller

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