Monday, 4 May 2020

As if by magic, a pond has appeared!

A large pond has recently appeared to the south west of the church at Cheddon Fitzpaine.  To be more accurate, it has actually reappeared - until April 2020 it was completely overgrown and almost invisible from the footpath that runs along the eastern side of it.  According to the parish council minutes of April 2020, it is an irrigation pond and belongs to Glebe Farm.  It was attracting unwanted visitors who were leaving rubbish and drug paraphenalia behind, so the decision was made to open it up and make it more visible.  It is called Edison's Pond.  Apparently Edison is or was the landowner's dog.  Presumably he likes/liked swimming in the pond.  Update 30/5/20 - the pond has now been fenced off, so the path around it is no longer accessible but the pond can be seen from the public footpath.

Edison's Pond, Cheddon Fitzpaine

Edison's Pond, Cheddon Fitzpaine

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