Sunday, 1 March 2020

Bats, Badgers, Boars, Beavers and Bunnies (+ the odd hare)

I have seen real wild bats, badgers, bunnies and hares in Somerset but I have not yet seen a beaver or a wild boar.  I found these creatures in churches, churchyards, meadows, woods, lanes and adorning walls at various locations across Somerset.  

The Belfry, near Priddy
This is the headquarters of the Bristol Exploration Club

Bat mural, Grange Drive, Taunton
Along with three other wildlife murals (a hedgehog, two watervoles and some bees), this bat mural was painted in August 2015 by Brazilian artist Louis Masai.  The North Taunton Art Trail was part of Somerset Wildlife Trust's Routes to the River Tone Project.

Bat carved into a bench end at Crowcombe  Church

Bat carved into a seat in Middlezoy Churchyard

Badgers Cross Farm, Mill Lane, south of Somerton

Badger carved in Hamstone on a footpath near Chiselborough

Badger in the churchyard at Oake

West door of Norton-sub-Hamdon Church
I think this is a rabbit?

Rabbit (and hedgehog) Oake Churchyard

Beaver at the deserted village of Clicket
His purpose in life is to be a target for field archery practice!

Wild boar in Barrington

Boxing hares willow sculpture, Steart Marshes

Hare, Ashill

Hare, Croydon Hill Woods

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