Monday, 15 February 2016

Patrick in Wadeford

This statue is by the side of the road as you drive through the village of Wadeford between Chard and Combe St Nicholas.  His name is Patrick - it says so on the base - and on the lamppost it says "Good fortune to you.  Share a little of it."  I don't know the name of his canine pug friend.  Patrick looks to be a little weary, as he is hanging on to the lamppost for support.  Well he has been standing there for at least 6 years and possibly many more than that.  Maybe he is waiting for a bus - they are a rare sight now in rural Somerset, which might explain why he has been waiting so long!

Patrick belongs to Chardleigh House, which is a residential home for young people with social difficulties.  It is run by a company called 3 Dimensions Care Ltd.


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