Friday, 14 June 2019

The White Ladies of Ashill

The White Ladies of Ashill are located in a large field to the west of the church in the village of Ashill near Ilminster.  There are five white life size statues but only two of them are located adjacent to a public footpath: one of these is a lady sitting looking into a stream and the other is standing in someone's garden.  I presume they belong to whoever owns the field.  There is also a small modern stone circle in the same field. I realise now that I wandered off the public footpath when I went to look at two of the other statues.  The one I didn't go and see was the one in the far north-west corner of the field.  I have not been able to find out anything about them and do not know how long they have been there.

White Lady looking into the stream

Seated White Lady 1

White Lady 2

White Lady 3

White Lady 4 - in someone's garden

Stone Circle at Ashill

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