Monday, 1 October 2018

St Andrew's Chapel, Luccombe

The remains of a small chapel can be seen at the appropriately named Chapel Cross on a minor road between Luccombe and Horner (but closer to Luccombe).  Not much is known about the history of the chapel but it is thought to date from the medieval period (possibly the 14th century) and to have been dedicated to St Andrew.  At some point after this time most of the stones were removed to be used in buildings elsewhere.  The site was excavated in around 1897 by the Reverend F. Hancock.  Today the remaining walls are only a foot or so high.  In the spring the site is carpeted with celandines and primroses.

Primroses and Celandines in flower April 2018
St Andrew's Chapel, looking west
St Andrew's Chapel, looking east
More primroses and celandines and a small piece of wall
St Andrew's Chapel remains
 - showing where the doorway at the west end of the south wall was once located

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