Saturday, 17 December 2016

Are the trees watching you?

Alive and dead trees can sometimes look like people, faces or animals.  These are the ones I have come across so far while walking around Somerset.  I will add more as I discover them.  My thanks to my friend Sue, who is exceptionally good at spotting them.  Although there is a word for rocks, which look like real or imaginary people, animals or plants (mimetoliths), there doesn't seem to be an equivalent word for trees.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (or maybe a Doyouthinkhesawus?), Poundisford Park, Taunton

Happy Tree, East Coker

Sad Tree, East Coker
Long nosed creature with mouth and big eye, Exmoor
Head of a bison, by the River Tone at Wellisford
Bird's head and beak - a wandering albatross perhaps?
This bird is to be found looking down over the Witcombe Valley at Ham Hill, South Somerset
My thanks to Sue for spotting this one for me.
Shy Hippo!  He is to be found close to Kilmersdon Common near Coleford
My thanks to Sue for spotting this one for me too.
Head of a strange horned beast - found near Hawkridge on Exmoor
Dragon's head?  Hatch Beauchamp

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