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Magnificent Murals

Murals brighten up our towns and villages.  Some have been painted by professional artists, others by students, self-taught artists or school children. 

My favourite mural is the one on the side of the Trading Post Shop at Lopen, which incorporates the Railway Carriage Café next door beautifully.  It really seems as if you are looking down a railway platform.  The mural was painted in 2013 by 24 year old local artist Camilla Yuill.

The Trading Post, Lopen

The Trading Post, Railway Carriage Café, Lopen

Sweep it under the carpet?
Eleos Café, 28 Fire Street, Chard

Quarry in the Mendips
I'm not entirely sure what this mural is meant to be of but I thought it was worth a photo.

King Size, Haydon Road,Taunton
I thought for a while it said King Sue but I think it is King Size!

We Will Remember Them
The King Size mural in Haydon Road, Taunton was replaced in November 2018 by this excellent mural to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War

We Will Remember Them, Haydon Road, Taunton

The Dolphin Pub, North Street, Wellington

The Dolphin Pub, North Street, Wellington

Larger than life otter, Tower Lane, Taunton
NB: He has disappeared since I took this photo - well otters do tend to be rather elusive!

Weston-Super-Mare has a large number of street art paintings, many of them painted by JPS (aka Jamie Scanlon) and a female street artist called Fawn.  There are so many that Visit Weston have produced an art trail leaflet featuring many of them.  I have yet to visit most of them but here are a few of them:

Tabby cat, Weston-Super-Mare

Sonic Boom by JPS, Colonel Stephens Way, Weston-super-Mare

Fawn by Fawn, Weston-Super-Mare
Terminator, Scally's Pub, Carlton Street

Balloon Girl, Scally's Pub, Carlton Street

Better than a Bear Wall, Richmond Street

Painted on a Dark Knight

Dangermouse - this is tiny and painted at the bottom of a pillar box on Marine Parade

 Gogo Girl, Greenfield Place
This painting originally made more sense, as there was a real chain across the front of the shop.  However the shop appears to have closed down.

Cat - in a shelter near Birnbeck Pier

Angel, Loves Café, West Street

Yoda, Weston Indoor Market, High Street

Ewok, Weston Indoor Market High Street

Hovercraft, Relish Café & Bar, West Street - this is tiny

Welcome to Dismaland, Relish Café & Bar, West Street

Relish Café & Bar, West Street - another tiny painting

Helicopter, Relish Café & Bar, West Street

Upturned police car, High Street
This painting is tiny

Corpse Bride, MT Games, Meadow Street

Predator, MT Games, Meadow Street
I wonder if he enjoyed his Costa takeaway coffee? 

Freddie Kruger, Burlington Street

Dark Wednesday, Cat and Spider at Behind Bars, Meadow Street

Spider, Behind Bars, Meadow Street

Balloon Girl, Alma Street

Tortoise and Pizza, Gloucester Street

Students on an Extension Studies course painted a wall in Knightstone Road, Weston-super-Mare in c2011.  The Paintjam Mural is very long and is a beach scene, which features some famous people from Weston-super-Mare e.g. Jeffrey Archer, John Cleese and Roald Dahl's BFG.

Jeffrey Archer and lifeboat on the Paintjam Mural

Paintjam Mural, Knightstone Road

John Cleese on Weston Pier

John Cleese and Jeffrey Archer

Paintjam Mural featuring Roald Dahl's BFG, Weston-Super-Mare

Soldier, Banwell

Portishead Lido

Portishead Open Air Swimming Pool

Dunster Village, Dunster Underpass

Dunster Castle, Dunster Underpass

Giraffic Park Bus Stop, Brean

Giraffic Park Bus Stop, Brean

Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury

Mural by Faye Suzannah in Beckery Road, Glastonbury

Parish churches of Street and its twin towns Notre Dame de Gravenchon in France and Isny im Allgau in Germany 

Map of Street showing places of interest, Leigh Road, Street

Clark's shoemaker, Leigh Road, Street

Paddington Trust Farm, Glastonbury

Northload Street, Glastonbury

This mural, which features various Glastonbury landmarks and legends, has proved to be very controversial.  In 2015 homeowner Bill Knight commissioned a group of local artists to paint a mural on the side of his house, as he was fed up of graffiti being sprayed on it.  However his house is a listed building and Mendip Council initially refused retrospective planning permission for it, due to its colours, size and style.  3,500 people signed a petition asking for it to be allowed to stay and in August 2016 the council agreed that it could remain there for two years, after which time the case will be reviewed.  I like it: it is very Glastonbury!

In 2016 the grey concrete harbour wall of Watchet's Old Mineral Yard Car Park was brightened up with a giant mural depicting scenes from Watchet's history.  Watchet Arts Group had applied for a £21,000 grant from the Hinkley Point Community Impact Mitigation Fund to transform the harbour wall in to a heritage mural. but their application was turned down, so they invited self-taught local artist Pat Dennis to paint it.  The mural is 5 metres high and 30 metres long. The idea for the mural came from the late Tim Prior, who was formerly chairman of Watchet Arts Group.

Watchet Arts Group - Harbour Wall Mural

Railway at Watchet

Under sea creatures

St Decuman's Church, the Domesday Book and the Vikings

Watchet's maritime heritage

Iron Mines in the Brendon Hills

The Ancient Mariner's albatross merges with the real blue sky

Lady on Watchet Harbour wall

Nautical and agricultural mural on the garden wall of Esplanade House, Watchet
This mural was commissioned by Watchet Art Group and painted by local artist Pat Dennis in 2019.  

Esplanade House mural, Watchet

Watchet seafront

Under the sea mural on the Watchet Brownie and Guide HQ

Perchance to Dream Mural, The Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

Mural in Manor House Road, Glastonbury by The Krumble Empire (Kim van Coels) and Sophie Alexi

Other end of the Manor House Road Mural, Glastonbury
 I couldn't get a better photo due to parked cars.

A mural celebrating Bridgwater's history was completed in November 2017.  It was painted by local artist Rachel Gundry, with help from local residents.  It is located on the Broadway side of Blake Gardens, just to the south of the underpass.

Bridgwater Carnival

Admiral Blake, Blake Gardens, Town Hall and Town Bridge

Cornhill and St Mary's Church, Bridgwater

Skateboarder on the ramp access to the Red Brick Building, Beckery, Glastonbury by JPS

Facebook mural by Fawn - on the side of the Red Brick Building, Beckery, Glastonbury
(hanging out your dirty washing perhaps?)

Mural on a disused building adjacent to the Red Brick Building, Beckery, Glastonbury

Wildlife mural under the Tangier Way bridge, which crosses the River Tone in the centre of Taunton 
This section depicts French Weir, the willow cathedral, an egret, a water vole, an otter and some fish

Tangier Way bridge wildlife mural showing the old town bridge, another otter and a pair of mallard ducks

Cricket meets recycling!
Mural on the side of the Viridor offices in Priory Bridge Road, Taunton

Canal mural at Maunsel Lock on the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal
The Willow Man and Glastonbury Tor on a "temporary" mural Castle Street/Tangier Way Taunton 

Dunster Castle and the West Somerset Railway on the "temporary" mural wall in Castle Street/Tangier Way, Taunton

Taunton Marathon mural - Castle Street/Tangier Way, Taunton

Unofficial? mural under the Trenchard Way River Tone bridge

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